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    • plumb out 和 tired out 的意思?

      ...correct one should be 'The sport plumb tired me out'. 'Plumb' is used as an adverb, meaning 'completely' So the sentence can be translated in Chinese: 這運動使我精疲力竭 2. tired out = dog-tired...

    • 意譯~~new depths of cruelty ??

      ...等等。 plumb: 當動詞用,指 「探試…的深度」。 new depths of cruelty: 當plumb的受詞用,指「和之前不同的殘酷程度」。 in his conquests: 副詞片語,指「在他的征服 (過程之中)」

    • 根據plumber這項職業的英文面試怎麼簡單答? 2.What time do you start? From 9 in the morning 3.And do you have to work on find a job? Yes, every family needs plumber at some points, and I am a good one...