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  1. plunge

    • IPA[plʌndʒ]



    • vi.
      縱身一跳; 俯衝; 突然下沉;下沉; 跌落; 陡然而下; 開得很低
    • vt.
    • n.
    • 過去式:plunged 過去分詞:plunged 現在分詞:plunging

    • 名詞複數:plunges

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 縱身一跳; 俯衝; 突然下沉 the goalkeeper plunged to his left 守門員縱身向左側撲去 to plunge into the river/lake 縱身跳進河裡/湖裡
    • 2. 下沉; 跌落; 陡然而下; 開得很低 she plunged to her death from a fifth-floor balcony 她從6樓的陽臺上跳下來摔死了 the plane plunged into the sea/to the ground 飛機墜海/墜地
    • 3. 參與 to plunge into sth. 投身於
    • 4. 橫衝直撞; 猛衝 to plunge into/out of/across/for/through sth. 衝進/衝出/衝過/衝向/迅速穿過某物


    • 1. 猛地投入 to plunge sth. into sth. 把某物猛力插入某物 he plunged the knife into her side/heart/chest 他猛地將匕首插入她的肋部/心臟/胸膛
    • 2. 甩下 he plunged his hands deeper into his pockets 他雙手往口袋裡插得更深了 the sudden tilt of the deck plunged him into the sea 甲板突然傾斜,把他甩入海中
    • 3. 使陷入 to be plunged into war/despair/darkness 捲入戰爭/陷入絕望/陷入黑暗


    • 1. 突然跌落 a death plunge 致命的一跌 a plunge into sth. 進入某物的下跌
    • 2. 跳水 a refreshing plunge in the lake 令人神清氣爽的湖中一游 to take a plunge 下水游泳
    • 3. 捲入 a plunge into sth. 對…的投入 to take the plunge 冒險一試
    • 4. 猛跌 a plunge in share 股價的暴跌 oil/house prices started on a downward plunge 油價/房價開始暴跌


    1. jump or dive quickly and energetically

    2. fall suddenly and uncontrollably

    3. suffer a rapid decrease in value

    4. (of a ship) pitch

    5. push or thrust quickly

    6. quickly immerse in liquid

    7. suddenly bring into a specified condition or state

  2. 知識+

    • plunged its ruins into .....??

      plunged: v. + into : ( 使陷入) ruins: n. (pl) : 廢墟 eternal: adj. = lasting...陷入永久的黑夜 希望 有 幫到 你. 2011-10-28 09:53:54 補充: So " plunged its ruins into eternal night " 使廢墟陷入永久的黑夜

    • 請問go over 和 plunge over 的意思一樣嗎

      依照上下文意思,"go over Niagara Falls " 及 "plunged over the falls" 都應是跳(投)入尼加拉瀑布之意,確實與您建議之...

    • slump 和 plunge 那個比較嚴重?

      ...聯想意識來以中文說明給你參考比較,你再自行研究你用或見的內上的意思。 plunge - 急速下降/墜落 - 通常指一些原本不應下跌的情況突然下降或由升轉跌。除了...