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  1. plural birth


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    • 天生殘缺的[天生]怎麼用?

      ...hear, either completely or partly 例: He's been totally/partially deaf since birth. (plural noun)people who are unable to hear 注意!! 這邊用since birth非by birth. 我在...

    • 請英文高手幫忙檢查英文翻譯

      ...因為球迷太多了,如果再有其它吵鬧的聲音,球員豈不是吃不消? The birth place of baseball, America, boasts her Major ...

    • 請幫我翻譯這段有關媒體的英文

      ...progress to grant in gradual progress of all these, why evolve out so plural a new media's design with science and technology in...never stopped . The ones that gave birth to and is in the contemporary modern to information must ask...