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  1. plus

    • IPA[pləs]


    • prep.
      with the addition of;together with
    • adj.
      (after a number or amount) at least;(after a grade) better than
    • n.
      short for plus sign;a mathematical operation of addition
    • conj.
      furthermore; also
    • noun: plus, plural noun: pluses

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. (after a number or amount) at least companies put losses at $500,000 plus
    • (after a grade) better than B plus
    • 2. (before a number) above zero; positive plus 60 degrees centigrade
    • 3. having a positive electric charge.


    • 1. short for plus sign
    • a mathematical operation of addition a minus and a plus make another minus
    • 2. an advantage knowing the language is a decided plus


    • 1. informal furthermore; also it's packed full of medical advice, plus it keeps you informed about the latest research