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    plus size
  1. plus-size

    • adj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 加大尺寸的;加大碼的 These shirts are all too small. I want to buy a plus-size one. 這些襯衫都太小了,我要買一件加大尺寸的。
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    • 胖子的英文怎麼說??

      ...現在即使用 chubby 也不太妥當。委婉一點的用法,可以說 full-figured, plus-sized,請注意這些只適合在和別人對話時形容第三人。千萬不要向交談對象提對方的...

    • 幫忙翻譯 英文 (Judy交網友)

      ...nothing like her had thought of, not even close. His plus-size body made her want to flee instantly. Judy swore to...

    • 有請 (中翻英) 高手 20點

      ...period of the slippers are considered as the shape appearance, plus size and do not wait for of the spring coil adhere to shoe sole to reach the result that"...