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    • 可以幫我翻成英文嗎??急~~20點

      I think, after certain point of time, it is inevitable for people to have some kind of conflicts .... disagreement... fights or arguements as their only means of communications.

    • 關於財政學名詞的翻譯

      ...相關資訊的資料 that contain information on individual entities at different points of time. 含有討論在不同時點個別實體相關資訊的資料 analysis that ...

    • [[英文文法問題]]關於介係詞的用法及原因!!15點!!拜託

      ...介系詞in之後,應接一段期間(a period of time),介系詞after之後,應接一時間點(a point of time): 從國中畢業是從現在算起的一年後,這one year是一段時間,所以應該用in...