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    • A Christmas Carol (小氣財神) 急~~

      ...你要問的是這個嗎 還是翻譯阿 2008-11-26 00:56:57 補充: The spirit pointed down at one of the graves Without replying, 靈魂(聖靈)指向...

    • The Tai-Ex opened down 15-poin

      ... Tai-Ex opened at 8,210 this morning, (was) 15-points down from yesterday's close on a turnover of 1.6-billion N-T. 今天早上...

    • [英文翻譯] 2句關於高爾夫球握法

      1.Your thumb should be pointing down and parallel to the shaft. 你的拇指要向下指, 並平行於桿身 2. Grip the shaft by placing the palm of your right hand over your left thumb. 將你的右手掌覆蓋住左拇指, 然後握住球桿