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  1. poison

    • IPA[ˈpoiz(ə)n]


    • n.
      a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed;something that has a destructive or corrupting influence
    • v.
      administer poison to (a person or animal), either deliberately or accidentally;adulterate or contaminate with poison
    • verb: poison, 3rd person present: poisons, gerund or present participle: poisoning, past tense: poisoned, past participle: poisoned

    • noun: poison, plural noun: poisons

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    • 有人知道What's your poison的出處嗎?

      有人知道What's your poison的出處嗎? What is your poison 這句...會聽到有老美這樣說 但現在 What's your poison 則被廣泛的用在不同層面, 有點類似 What do you prefer...

    • The poison ivy itch is....翻譯

      poison ivy 是指有毒的萬年青、長春藤之類的植物,學名叫做毒長春籐、毒三葉藤、氣根毒藤疹等。 itch 是指皮膚與這種有毒植物接觸時,起疹子而發癢。 全文的意思是,「接觸毒長春藤起疹發癢起來教人難受(或痛苦)」,或說「癢起來要人命!」

    • 中毒的英文(或毒癮)

      poisoning, poisoned中毒. 英文名: Barbital poisoning...毒害(DNS cache poisoning), 造成無法顯示網頁. 貝類中毒(shellfish poisoning):指誤食有毒貝類引起的中毒症。毒素與食物鏈有關,由藻類產生毒素後,貝類...