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  1. police academy

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    • 英文自我介紹翻譯

      ...a member of the SWAT, and my brother is studying at the police academy. 2. 媽媽是教手工藝的老師 My mother is a handicraft teacher. 2008...

    • 請問一句英文(普閱一之四)

      ...觀念,經常的被使用,譬如: emergency room, bank account, defense industry, military personnel, police academy... 2012-04-17 08:54:33 補充:

    • 【英文】請幫我把中文翻譯成英文

      ... hope to be examined . for the entering military or .. police academy to serve our country.. 第二個願望就是自己能把英文學好, 這樣以後不論...