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    • 政策,方針,策略,保險單
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    • policy要用make還是set來制訂呢?

      “Make policies” usually means making policies related to follow Depending on where you use this, if industrial science and technology policy is made by the lawmaker, you can use either "make" or "set...

    • 什麼是policy transfer

      Policy transfer >>> 政策調動 ( 移動 ) Policy discourse >>> 政策演講...

    • 英文文法The initial policy reflex

      ...1. "reflex": 在此是名詞, 是一種反應,反映,或反射作用.2. " initial policy reflex": 是政府當局遭遇經濟危機時, "一開始"的(反射式的或立即...