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    • 彬彬有禮,禮貌
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    • manner 和 politeness

      manners 把它當成態度上的禮貌,如對人恭敬,態度很好的那種禮貌 politeness 是禮貌,如不可無禮的那個"禮",比如說行為舉止

    • 請幫忙修改更有深度及Politeness, 感謝!

      Due to time constraints, We’d appreciate it very much if you can respond to us about your willingness (to…..) at your earliest convenience. 註:1. 「由於時間的限制」,常用 due to time constraints, 或due to time limitations, 「由於...

    • 一些有關旅館英文的句子……(翻譯)

      1. Academic society politeness smile facing visitor and direction correct direction. 1.學會禮貌微笑的面對客人...society subscribes the room and returns a house this attention item and politeness. 4.學會訂房和退房該注意的事項和禮貌。 5. The academic society service personnel...