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  1. political geography


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    • 急~請問英文高手們一個問題

      文學好像還算正常喔。翻成文書或文字或文章也可。 是 mountain geography 才難翻吧。 因為前半部在講的東西是你要寫出相關文章或評論時所需要先研究的領域啊。

    • 幫我整理一下 謝~

      ...philosophy 文學 1.literature; philology 2.letters and scholarship 政治學 political science; government; politics 地理學 geography 史學 the science of history; historical science; historiography; history 社會學 sociology...

    • 請求英文句子翻譯!!

      ...:Oxford Dictionary of Geography: transnational relations theory : A field of..., and whose focus is cross-boundary political space. This theory transgresses the traditional...