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  1. political interference


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    • 請幫我翻譯幾句英文(高三程度)

      ...任天堂遊戲機 7.Coca-Cola was once subjected to constant interference from the political activists in India. 可口可樂公司(Coca-Cola)曾...

    • 一小段英文翻譯(關華盛頓)

      ...the American history one of richest influence political discourses. In the speech advocated...the US should avoid receiving other country the interference, as well as maintains the long-term union ...

    • 很急,幫我翻成英文謝謝

      ...'s political liberty also affects world, many political refugee, also gets along well together 夠 to the free...because the people may free express the opinion, will not receive the interference, such freedom, even if in present's society, also will not...