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  1. polluting

    • pollute的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 英文問題 非常急!!!!!!!!!!

      The sky was polluted________the dirty smoke. 正解: with be polluted...殺傷力. 2014-07-16 12:02:57 補充: 您不妨用"polluted with"(含引號)辜苟搜尋一下, 就可加強了解正確...

    • 麻煩確認文法正確性

      we should try our best to stop polluting environment 1.這裡的to stop 不定詞當副詞用修飾...environment, we should try our best. 2.polluting --> 分詞判定為主動所以加ing 當形容詞 來...

    • 重組句子(because of)

      "polluted air" and "air pollution" are not the same thing. " outside pollutant". That is why it used a passive voice (polluted). "air pollution" means "a type of pollution that exists in...