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    • 池塘築成池塘
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    • 英語片語意義 both sides of the pond

      the pond 指的是阻隔美洲與歐洲大陸 (... ocean), 有幽默的意謂, 也可稱big pond, great pond 或 herring-pond 最早出現的... 的布落格即以Across the Pond 為名, 副標題為 An all-...

    • 國一英文 文法問題

      ...烏龜, then it is better to use The turtles in the pond are friendly. This way there will be no confusing! ...

    • 能不能給我例句?

      ...of the New England countryside. 他講新英格蘭鄉下的方言。 池塘 pond He likes to run around the pond. His house is by the...