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    poor devil

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    • 什麼是Devil呀?

      ...神學』魔王; 撒旦 2 惡魔 3 惡人 4 人; 傢伙 a handsome devil 俊俏的傢伙 the poor devil 可憐的人 5 精力充沛的人 6『印刷』印刷廠的學徒 7 扯碎機 8 很困難的...

    • 幫我解一下這些英文謎語// a B. 3.It is greater than god, more evil than the Devil; the poor have it, the rich need it; and if you eat it, yiu will die. What is...

    • Devil's Haircut 是什麼意思??

      ...jukebox gasolineCrystals are pointing at a poor man's pocketsSmiling eyes ripping out of his socketsGot a devil's haircut in my mindGot a devil's haircut in my...