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  1. poor relation

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    • 1. 較同類遜色的人(或物) Some people may regard radio as the poor relation of broadcasting. 有些人可能認為無線電廣播在廣播事業中稍遜一籌。
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    • relation和relationship有何不同? no relation to 和…完全不相稱 ·have relation to 和…有關係 ·poor relation. 2. 【事】 利害關係,(國家、民族等之間的)關係 《例句》 ·be...

    • 請問各位這句怎麼翻呢?Just because they..

      Just because they owned their own home and were slightly better off, they always looked down upop us as poor relations. 就因為他們擁有自己的房子,過得比較好一些些,他們就總是看不起我們這些窮 親戚。

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      ...can't help laughing. I can't help my wife having poor relations. I can't help him being so foolish. (him可換成...