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    • 1. 人氣競賽 No matter the kind of popularity contest, Mayor Ke always takes the lead. 無論是哪一種的人氣競賽,柯市長目前都處於領先地位。
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    • 這段影片英文內容 高手幫忙聽幫忙翻譯

      ... his hall of fame career, but it hasn't won him any popularity contest. I don't like K.G. because there this mean guy, he's... there...

    • 尋找英文翻譯高手

      人氣不代表實力 Popularity doesn't mean ability 嚴厲不是故意挑剔 Being...全新挑戰 Show Business Vocal Contest is a brand new challenge in your career of...

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      ...generation changes as necessary, from the recent years beauty contest big game result, the stature is thin, the skin fair beautiful woman gains the masculine popularity, but England's research pointed out actually, the...