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    porcelain clay

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    • 幫忙翻一下英翻中的段落翻譯謝謝~很緊急

      ... cut individualholes out of the clay to produce a basket effect. 值得珍藏的作品包含格狀的花瓶...以做成籃子的效果. Anothersource of pottery and porcelain is the Chinese Handicraft ...

    • 想請問英文高手 Boneflower 這個字是什麼意思

      No boneflower(as a song title);only bone china is fine white clay mixed with crushed animals' bones; a kind of porcelain; a delicate and expensive cups, plates etc that are made...

    • 一些英文題目的問題

      ...動詞就好嘞,但要注意時態,過去式喔 (7) _______ at temperature above 125度C,clay fuses and becomes nonporous stone ware porcelain. (A)When fired (B)It is fired...