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    • 請解釋一種矽膠吸附材

      ...是你看的該篇文獻中縮寫,可以看是什麼的縮寫。 而您說的inside its pores,整段話翻譯意思是:此特殊材料是由兩種組成所構成,一個是多孔性主體材料...

    • Burt's Bees 上面的英文 請幫我翻譯

      ...blemsh stick cleanes, refines and tones pores, while helping to normalize skin by correcting...敏感部位並加強保護細緻的皮膚.3.Apply blensh stick on affected areas as often as needed.3...

    • "英文高手"請幫我解答英文問句!!!

      ...bad for the skin because the make-up products has been put on our face all day long, and I suppose that will block our pores; produces dirt in our pores.  3. What did people...