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    pose a question

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    • Problem & Qustion 的用法有何不同?

      ...problem、settle a problem、solve a problem Question: 1.提出問題: bring up a questionpose a question 、raise a question、ask a question 2.解答(解決)問題: resolve a question 、reply...

    • 請問遇到這種句型的英文,要怎麼學呢?

      ...answer many of the questions put to him by prosecutors. 8. a question (which is) posed to Sb被提問到的問題 (須要很謹慎回答的) Some questions...

    • to與for的用法

      ... a promise (prediction); commits the results to youSb put (pose) a question to youSb is grateful (nice) to you 等 2. 以for you為例 (涉及某人...