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  1. post



    • n.
      職位;崗位; 哨所
    • vt.
      派駐;派…值勤; 部署
    • 過去式:posted 過去分詞:posted 現在分詞:posting

    • 釋義


    • 1. 職位 a civil service/management/teaching post 公務員/管理/教學職位 he took up a post in government 他在政府部門擔任了職務
    • 2. 崗位; 哨所 to be at one's post 在執勤 command/customs/lookout post 指揮所/海關關卡/監視哨
    • 3. 偏遠居民點; 要塞 trading post 貿易點 the frontier posts were all well-defended 各邊防要塞防守都很嚴密


    • 1. 派駐 he was posted to Washington as military attaché 他被派駐華盛頓任武官
    • 2. 派…值勤; 部署 lookouts were posted on the roof 屋頂上部署了監視哨
    • 3. 交付; 交