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    • 潛在性,可能性,潛力,潛能,勢,位有潛力的,可能的,潛在的
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    • 有關心理生理學slow potential(慢波)的問題

      slow potential:我翻譯成(漸變電位) slow potential (漸變...神經生理學家發現腦內神經細胞有slow potential (漸變電位)的功能,而action potential... to directly connected slow potential neurons than action potential ...

    • 何謂reversal potential?

      Hi, 圖片參考: 何謂reversal potential? the reversal potential (also known as the Nernst potential) =反轉電位...

    • 英文翻譯 ==> Potential equalizatio

      ...and the connected instruments should be connected to the potential equalization by instructed personnel via a conducting connection. The...