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    • 水瓶座的特徵(用英文打下來)

      ... ourselves. We like to stand out in a crowd and cherish our individuality. The...jug stands for. The water being poured forth from the jug is supposed to symbolize...

    • 中英翻譯....取大意翻譯即可

      ...all not sloping,get about some back and forth, similarly, the health presents department...water into, already to the good position obviously, but pour down, water slopes nearby and flows out, there is not half a drop to quench into...

    • 信件中翻英 超長(上)~~總共40點!!求高手幫忙!!

      ...lonely in it is solid. Nobody can share when being happy, nobody can pour out too when being sad, everything can only be born by oneself. 2008-04-17 15...