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    • 固體東西倒出來的傾倒的英文

      您好, 傾倒的用法~ 1.pour out Pour out 是指將可流動的物質倒出來! Ex: Pour out the water in the cup. 把杯子裏的水倒出來 但是這種用法用empty更好! Ex: Empty the water...

    • 請問這句英文的中文意思? you. 我會坦誠告白讓妳看出我對她妳的愛心! Other variations: bleed my heart out to = pour my heart out to = yank my heart out to = pull my heart out to =

    • 西洋概論的這段意思-羅蘭之歌

      ... lost among the lofty precipices while down below the knights trapped by the Saracens “pour out their blood for their brothers . . . and . . . lay down their lives.” 號角...