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    pouring wet

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    • 英文作文 求批改 20點

      ...junior high school. ----It never rains but it pours.(informal idiom added).In a rainy day at school...there might be a vast spread of water everywhere&it might just wet my shoes. It was a joy too...

    • 英文小短篇 - 請幫我看有沒有寫錯~ *20點*

      ...改成 It used to be described a heavy rain). The rain pours from sky and always makes people dripping wet their bodies, even you use an umbrella(這一句說實在是多餘的...刪掉...

    • 幫我翻譯一下英文日記<中翻英>

      ...whole family takes a walk, walking, there is a heavy rain then, the wet answer answer of whole body that pour of, everyone uses to run of go home, also really pour the lintel. 今天下午全家...