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  1. powder room


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    • 1. (女用)化妝室;盥洗室 Excuse me, where is the powder room? 請問女廁所在哪裡?
    • 2. 軍艦上的藥包艙
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    • 請問這些英文要怎麼說(電影院用語)....

      .... 6. Please go up another two floors. 7. The (washroom/powder room/ladies' room) is at the right hand side at the bottom of the ...

    • 洗手間的英文說法

      ...bathroom, restroom, washroom, john (US, informal), lavatory, ladies, gents, powder room, water closet, public convenience "Water closet" is used more...

    • 電話接聽禮儀

      ...'s room. She just left her desk; she is probably in the powder room. 4.我英文不好 I don't speak English well. 5...