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    • UL 英文翻譯 有關於power supply cord

      Power Supply Cord - 電源線 Two provided - Listed...such that the ground lead is removed only for power supply cord replacement. 地線(ground lead) 的設置, 唯有在需更換...

    • 查尋技術期刊

      Corona in switching power supplies 作者: Brockschmidt, A. 文獻出處: Applied Power...

    • 資材管理,共用料件英文怎麼說?

      如果你要說的是 這個power supply 可以適用於CM100,CM 200,CM250三種成品 ==>This...know this power supply can apply for this three model? 這樣對嗎? ==>Can this power supply apply to each of these three modles? 2013-09-25 01:27:12 補充: 小強說...