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    • 祈禱,祈求,請求,懇求;禱文,禱告者,懇求者
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    • 在美國 prayer service是麼意思?

      今天看到這個片語prayer service(不知道有沒有記錯...)prayer service = prayer meeting  祈禱會pray 當動詞... in her troubles.  她向上帝禱告, 求祂在苦難中幫忙她prayer 則是名詞, 祈禱、 禱告之意She says her prayer every night...

    • Distubed-Prayer‏ 的歌詞

      歌手:Disturbed 歌名:Prayer 歌詞: Another dream that will never come true Just to compliment...

    • Prayers and thoughts

      prayers and thoughts: It’s like you pray for them and send them good thoughts when they have problems. 2005-05-25 14:21:31 補充: yeah, it's kind like 節哀順變