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    preach down

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    • 英文文章的意義

      ...她雖然貧窮, 卻一直相信聖誕老人會從煙囪為她送禮物來.) 2. Do as you preach. Crab can’t teach her son; she can’t even walk straight ...

    • bad oh i 歌詞英文幫翻譯

      ...who is regarded as spiteful潑辣的女人 deep down是內心深處 leaving all my options open...但事實上這些東西該屬於誰? I bring you into court to preach my order 我把妳告上法庭,訴說我的原則 and you know...

    • 副詞可以修飾名詞

      ...the entire context. However, people can still narrow it down to modify "pure" only. Hence, it really... this is NOT what the grammar preaches, you can only learn it by reading. However...