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    • Payment by ...一句英翻中...謝謝

      ...依信用狀(或約定/備忘錄之類)以保護賣方 A fax message is usually preceded by a cover sheet. 傳真訊息內容通常放在文件最上頁(封頁) →precede 指(順序...

    • 阿拉伯語的hamza相關問題

      ...)- 2. on top of the long vowel (o) (waw) , in which case it has to be preceded by a short vowel(o)(dhamma) or the (a) short vowel (fatha) 2005-11-30 01:59:21 補充: 3...

    • 商用英文句子翻譯

      Transaction of preceding descriptions does by first 3 year and it does automatic extension by unit 1 special ...