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  1. precious few

    • ph.
      extremely few (used for emphasis)
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    • has had 和of的用法?

      ... previous little sleep over the last two days. There are precious few decent restaurants left around here. 請參見Macmillan English...

    • 英文句子翻譯\

      Precious things are very few in this world that is the reason there is just one you. 這世上寶貴的東西總是很稀少,那也就是為何你是獨一無二的。

    • 用一兩句英文寫出此小段的大意~可賺20點喔!

      Col. Tim Tarchick of the 920th Rescue Wing got the rescue authorization on Tuesday 4 p.m. and plucked hundreds of people off rooftops after Gulf Coast's hurricane disaster on Monday. It...