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    • 精確的,嚴謹的,明白的
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    • 精密技術precise/precision techniqu

      ...hand, you shall use a noun "precision" to describe technology, not an adjective "precise", because you try to describe the type of technology, not to describe this technology...

    • 幫我中翻英~(一段中文摘要)

      Precise oil make, used in fragrant treatment often, apply to calm... anti-oxidant, utilize the multiple characteristic of precise oil, test its restraining the fungus result...spathulenol(13.91%) , linalol (4.02%) When; The precise oil of tea tree is with terpin-4-ol (58.20%) 2009...

    • 這幾個英文單字的比較?

      ...something at the right time and is not late. He’s always very punctual . Precise(adj) use precise to emphasize that you are referring to an exact...