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  1. predicaments

    • predicament的名詞複數
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    • 請解答一題英文選擇題

      dilemma 與 predicament的確都有困境的意思,但是兩者的意思卻有一點點的不同。dilemma指的是有選擇性...我要不要裝電子收費系統ETC等,讓你無從選擇,這種困境才叫做delemma.而predicament雖然也是困境的意思,但它的確實意思是"危險或困難的處境",比如說伊拉克...

    • 一句英文翻譯而已(英文專家請進)

      ...困境 We entreat the government to make every effort to help us out of the predicament we were in over the past four years . 用to make every effort也在...

    • 求中翻英 感謝

      ...of a ship or boat) toincline to one side. The ship listed to starboard.Predicament 困境 a unpleasantly difficult, perplexing or dangerous situation.Demise死亡...