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    • 長官,提督,地方首長
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    • 請大大幫我想一下申請Prefect 的問題

      Question 1: Why do you want to be a prefect? Answer: I want to be a prefect because ... think one of the important part of being a prefect is that I get to meet different sort of people...

    • 英文文法 present prefect cont. 2

      關於 present prefect continuos tense,A文法書上說: "We use the...英文真的是越學越混亂) 如果A、B都是對的,那麽present prefect continuos tense 的定義是... 一個從過去持續到 (現在/未來...

    • Indirect speech直接引語與間接引語的問題10

      ...before 7 o'clock. 03. “Don’t run along the corridors,” the prefect told us. The prefect told us not to run along...