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    • 更可取的,更好的,更勝一籌的
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    • 請為為何用preferably

      preferably 因為他主要是當副詞用 preferable是形容詞 這句話是說 你最送他生日禮物,最好是.. 花或是巧克力 最好是就是副詞 2008-03-15 01:58:37 補充: 如果說 用形容詞 preferable flower 就解釋成了 最好花...聽起來好怪@@

    • (急)~3句英文短句翻譯......

      However the preferable product features expected by slot players...for better odds, variety of table games, and preferable house rules to core product features (technical quality...

    • 英翻中(有關經濟面)

      ...了外銷製造業之成功. the Taiwanese came to see entrepreneurship as preferable to working for someone else, 這句中是否應為 preferable not to working...