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  1. preferential card

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    • 請幫我從中文翻譯英文2個句子,謝謝!

      1.mos card is the prepay prepaid card which Taiwan Mosi Hamburg ...cumulative bonus points also to be possible to enjoy the preferential benefit activity. 2.mos Burger present ...

    • 英文中翻英 拜託高手來幫忙

      ...periodically VIP9288 distinguished guest card [1] Holds the card expense to enjoy entire hall commodity 92 to fold the preferential benefit. Green sign commodity 88 booklets [2] The year expense...

    • 中翻英 多謝  20點贈送

      ... ~60 minutes take) Remembered that card transmission picture 13 100$ (take every other day) Selective...plate. Sweeps the picture to expend full 200$ to give preferential benefit to 60 minutes surf the net. Sweeps...