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  1. pregnant silence

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      耐人尋味的沈默, 意味深長的沈默
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    • 1. 耐人尋味的沈默, 意味深長的沈默 His only reaction was a pregnant silence. 他唯一的反應是一陣意味深長的沈默。


    耐人尋味的沈默, 意味深長的沈默

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      ... refuse to surrender their seats to pregnant women on the subway, while others cut line... lawmakers considered silencing cellphones in their theaters...

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      ...large in size, number, quantity or extent; boastful; significant; pregnant; meaningful. (adv) on a large scale. 7.still(仍舊) (adj) silent or motionless; free form disturbance. (n) silence; calm; photograph, especially single one from a cinema film; apparatus for...