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  1. premenstrual tension


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    • Cicatrizant 的意思是啥? 還有關於PMT

      ...圖片參考: PMT:abbr. 縮寫→premenstrual tension 經期前緊 張症狀 。 圖片參考:

    • 請問這兩個精神疾病的中文是什麼?

      ...condition of temporary mental instability due to a particular emotional or physiological condition. Premenstrual tension, post-natal depression, inappropriate reactions to emotional stress, are all...

    • 很急的英文翻譯(文法要通) by the former may be due to caffeine stimulation, and the emergence of emotional instability, tension, irritability, lack of concentration, headache or pain, such as breast, as premenstrual syndrome. 2009-05-17 22:23:18 補充: 希望對你有幫助