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  1. prepare the ground for

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      為...作好必要之準備; 為...打下基礎
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    • 1. 為...作好必要之準備; 為...打下基礎 Early experiments with military rockets prepared the ground for space travel. 早期進行的軍用火箭試驗為宇航事業的發展打下了基礎。
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    • 可以幫我翻譯一下英文嗎?萃取物

      ...的Ciatronic這個廠牌)打成粉狀. The extracts were prepared by leaving the ground powder to macerate in the solvent under stirring for 20 h, at room temperature. 萃取...

    • 請幫忙翻譯這3段句子

      ...發問者漏了 "months") 2.Extracts of citrus peel were prepared by refluxing the dried ground peel with ethanol, methanol, acetone, hexane, diethyl ether and dichloromethane 柑橘皮的萃取...

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      ...the World Health Organization (WHO) has prepared the ground for a comprehensive understanding of Human Functioning and...