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    • 翻譯:有度數的眼鏡

      ... are non-prescription (or over-the-counter). 2. 有度數的眼鏡 prescription glasses (or prescribed glassed) In addition, can you translate below sentence...

    • This new pair of glasses 是單數還複

      ...a pair of glasses cost? (單數的動詞)How much does a pair of prescription glasses cost if I don't have insurance? (單數的動詞)The pair of jeans...

    • 請問你的眼鏡度數是幾度? 英文怎麼說?

      ...nearsightedness)? 也是行的 4 樓講的 prescription 是處方 What is the prescription of your glasses? 也是行的 2010-04-26 18:20:13 補充: Unfortuantely, you 不能 say...