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  1. preserve

    • IPA[prəˈzərv]


    • v.
      maintain (something) in its original or existing state;retain (a condition or state of affairs)
    • n.
      food made with fruit preserved in sugar, such as jam or marmalade;a sphere of activity regarded as being reserved for a particular person or group
    • noun: preserve, plural noun: preserves

    • 釋義



  2. 知識+

    • 英文的preserving pan是不是叫「果醬鍋」?

      preserving pan = jam pan jam pan = 拿來煮果醬的大鍋子 preserving pan = 拿來煮果醬的大鍋子 拿來煮果醬的大鍋子 = 果醬鍋 preserving pan = jam pan = 拿來煮果醬的大鍋子 = 果醬鍋 *PS preserving pan...

    • preserve&reserve用法差別在哪裡(20點~)

      preserve(Vt)   保存(會腐敗的東西ex:食物)             保護(會壞掉的東西ex:古蹟) →preservative(n.)防腐劑 →preserves 蜜餞 reserve(Vt) 保留ˋ預定 make a reservation for +目標物(房間ˋ旅館...

    • 英文高手請進,reserve,preserve,和其他文法!

      ...: fare home 是什麼意思嗎? A: 是,那是回家的路費(費用)。 preserve和conserve在英、美語系字典有較大的差異 - Merriam-Webster:兩...