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  1. preside over


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    • 1. 主持;負責 Mr Smith will preside over the next meeting. 史密斯先生將主持下一次會議。
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    • 有幾句英文翻譯需要協助

      Those I who superintend it about the section in the company should preside over the brief note of the business during a day without fail by me in 9:30AM...

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      ...聯合的政府,這種政策讓明朝長久的存在並進入了20世紀 The Ming presided over another cultural flowering and established a political unity that ...

    • 比賽規則怎麼寫成英文?

      ..., each competition must appoint conference site president by the Organizing unit, presides over the competition to start and to carry on. Second, each competition must appoint the...