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  1. press

    • IPA[pres]



    • vt.
      按; 扣動; 踩;使…貼緊; 用…壓緊
    • vi.
      按; 踩; 壓;擁擠
    • n.
      推;榨汁機; 膠合機; 壓床; 球拍夾; 熨斗
    • 過去式:pressed 過去分詞:pressed 現在分詞:pressing

    • 名詞複數:presses

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 按; 扣動; 踩 to press sth. in/down/up 把某物按進/按下/按起來
    • 2. 使…貼緊; 用…壓緊 he pressed his fingers/knees/lips together 他捏緊手指/並攏膝蓋/抿緊嘴脣 to press sb./sth. against or on (to) sth. 使某人/某物緊貼某物
    • 3. 塞進; 扣上; 鋪平 to press sth. into/on to or over sth. 把某物塞進某物/壓到某物上 to press a stamp/label on to sth. 把郵票/標籤貼到某物上
    • 4. 榨…的汁; 榨取 to press the grapes and collect the juice 榨取葡萄汁 to press sth. dry 榨乾某物
    • 5. 把…壓平 to press sth. flat/into shape 把某物壓平/壓成型 pressed flowers 壓花
    • 6. 熨平 to press sth. flat or down 把某物熨平
    • 7. 抱緊 to press sb./sth. to one 緊抱某人/某物 to press sb. to one's chest or bosom 把某人摟在懷裡
    • 8. 緊握 to press the flesh 和群眾握手致意
    • 9. 催促 to press sb. to do sth. 催促某人做某事 to press sb. into doing sth. 迫使某人做某事
    • 10. 反複強調 to press one's case 抓住事情不放 to press a or one's claim 堅持索賠
    • 11. 壓製 pressed metal/steel 壓製金屬/鋼材
    • 12. 推舉 he pressed 200 kg 他推舉起了200公斤
    • 13. 強徵…入伍 to press sth. into service 臨時徵用某物


    • 1. 按; 踩; 壓 press (here) to open (在此處)按下打開 to press against or on sth. 壓在某物上
    • 2. 擁擠 to press through/in or into/out of/around sth. 擠過/擠入/擠出/圍住某物 their enemies pressed in on all sides 敵人從四面八方壓來
    • 3. 緊迫


    • 1. a steady press 持續的推壓 with a press of sth. 通過按壓某物
    • 2. 榨汁機; 膠合機; 壓床; 球拍夾; 熨斗 a hydraulic press 水壓機 a power(-assisted)/manual press 機動/手動榨汁機
    • 3. to give the trousers a press (with the iron) (用熨斗)熨褲子
    • 4. 印刷機 to come off the press 出版 a story that is hot off the press 剛見報的新聞報道
    • 5. 印刷 to pass sth. for press 准予某物付印 to go to press 付印
    • 6. 新聞工作者; 印刷媒體; 廣電界 the press 新聞界 the freedom of the press 新聞自由
    • 7. 報道 (to get or have) a good/bad press (獲得)新聞界的好評/責難
    • 8. 出版社 Oxford University Press 牛津大學出版社
    • 9. 大批 a press of people/cars 人群/車流
    • 10. 櫥櫃
    • 11. 推舉 to do a press 推舉
    • 12. 抓壯丁


    1. move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force

    2. squeeze (someone's arm or hand) as a sign of affection

    3. move in a specified direction by pushing

    4. apply pressure to (something) to flatten, shape, or smooth it, typically by ironing

    5. apply pressure to (a flower or leaf) between sheets of paper in order to dry and preserve it

    6. squeeze or crush (fruit, vegetables, etc.) to extract the juice or oil

    7. forcefully put forward (an opinion, claim, or course of action)

    8. make strong efforts to persuade or force (someone) to do something

    9. a printing press

    10. a business that prints or publishes books

    11. newspapers or journalists viewed collectively

    12. coverage in newspapers and magazines