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  1. pressing issue

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 最迫切的問題;當務之急 To lower the unemployment rate is the pressing issue for the government. 降低失業率是政府目前的當務之急。
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      ... focus on security and foreign policy were taking attention away from pressing domestic issues. 他也概述了他計劃要徹底檢討這個國家的年金制度,包括廢除醜聞頻傳的社會...

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      ...environmental issues Air pollution and global warming are the two pressing environmental issues with devastating impacts we are facing today. 2...

    • if it's up to me 的意思

      句中的"If it's up to me"意思就是"假如是由我來決定的話" "up to someone"就是"由~人來決定" 例如. "It's up to you!"就是"由你決定吧!"的意思 翻的更好一點就是"隨便!" 表示你沒意見 而相反的, "It's not up to you...