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  1. pressure point


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    • 1. 施壓止血點
    • 2. 施壓點(皮膚對壓力最敏感之處)
    • 3. 施壓點(可以給別人施加壓力的東西,如黑函,綁票……等等)
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    • 英翻中 要人工翻譯

      ...7)  塗、敷;應用 8) refreshened  使...消除疲勞,煥然一新 9) pressure points  壓力點 10) powerful  強而有力,也作有效的意思   以上。

    • 協助英文文法修正

      ... between groups and interaction with the time point of the blood pressure measurement point of time into to be analyzed by the model, the result of which analysis...

    • 煩請英文高手協助英文文法修改

      ...that acupuncture on taichong point with good results in lowering blood pressure. (Point is 穴位) 4. The study also showed (that acupressure and acupuncture...