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    • 1. 指望 We should not presume too much on the reliability of such sources. 我們不該過分指望這種消息來源的可靠性。
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    • presume, assume有何不同

      通常 presume較有根據. 例如 Based on the evidences, the judge presumed that he was the killer. assume比較武斷, 通常也比較主觀, 例如 I...

    • warehouse/storehouse的用法和差別

      ... vt. 1. 擅自(做);冒昧(做)[+to-v] I won't presume to advise you on the subject. 我不敢就這個題目對你作任何建議。 2. 假定,假設;推測,認為...

    • 英翻中,有一小段不會,希望高手解答<勿翻譯軟體的>

      ... man a proposed demonstration of some sort on other. "I admit it doesn't make much sense,"...value of joining any group of enthusiasts who presume to dictate what one should do is extremely dubious. 那一天...