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    presumption of law

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    • overcome the presumption 英翻中

      ...先入為主意念。 例如 He failed to overcome the presumption of guilt. 他未能克服定罪在先的想法 -- 他在還沒有聽取...根據定義: Under INA § 214 (b) the law presumes that every foreign citizen seeking...

    • 請大大幫忙解說法律相關的英文

      The law requires all persons in... bonafide is void at the pleasure of the innocent party. 法律對合約有效的要求; although such acts may raise a presumption of antecedent fraud, and thus become a ...

    • ordious translation@@

      ...quot; should have been "with a presumption". If so, 與 changes...end. 2. Are you studying laws? Smart! What school...goodwill actually leaves a lot of troubles to her ...