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  1. pretence

    • KK[prɪˋtɛns]
    • DJ[priˋtens]


    • 【英】= pretense
    • 相關詞
    • n. 假裝;矯飾;虛偽;做作[U][S]

    • pretense的名詞複數

    • n. pretence

    • 藉口,虛假,偽裝

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    • ph. 以...為藉口

    • He declined under the pretence of an important engagement. 他以有一個重要的約會為藉口而謝絕。

    • ph. 詐騙

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    • ph. 找藉口地; 巧立名目地

    • He obtained money from her under false pretenses. 他巧立名目從她那兒騙錢。

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    • IPA[prɪˈtens]



    • n.
    • to make a pretence of sth. 裝出某種樣子

      to make a pretence of doing sth. 假裝做某事

    • 假裝,虛偽,藉口,自稱,要求

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    • without pretense是甚意思?

      ...least 27 times. Eventually you get up, throw on some clotheswithout the pretence that it's actually an outfit and slink into work, asif you've been there...

    • that 這句子中的用意

      ...few even bother其實是few people even bother,而bother在此,是費心的意思。make any pretense of having more idealistic motives是假裝有任何理想化的動機。 ...

    • 請問弄假成真的英文?

      ... it real. 3. fulfill what was promised in a joke 4.Pretence fway become reality. 5.say in fun what is carried out in earnest 也...