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  1. pretend

    • KK[prɪˋtɛnd]
    • DJ[priˋtend]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • adj.
    • 過去式:pretended 過去分詞:pretended 現在分詞:pretending

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 佯裝;假裝;[+to-v][+(that)] He pretended that he was innocent. 他假裝無辜。 He pretended to be friendly with me. 他假裝對我友善。
    • 2. 自命,自稱[Y][+to-v][+(that)] I do not pretend to be a scholar. 我不自命為學者。
    • 3. (尤指孩子)(在遊戲中)假扮;裝作[Y][+to-v][+(that)] Let's pretend that we're on an island. 讓我們裝作在一孤島上。
    • 4. 【口】(常用於否定句)妄稱,敢於[Y][+to-v] I can not pretend to judge between them. 我可不敢在他們之間作出裁判。


    • 1. 假裝 She wasn't really crying; she was only pretending. 她並非真的在哭;她只是假裝而已。
    • 2. 自封,自稱;妄求[(+to)] She pretends to great knowledge. 她自稱具有廣博的知識。


    • 1. 假裝的;假想的 It is a pretend meal this evening, with nothing whatever on the table. 今晚只是假裝吃飯,餐桌上什麼吃的也沒有。


    vt. 佯裝;假裝

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      ... needn't disguise your feelings. 你不必隱瞞你的感情。 pretend vt. 1. 佯裝;假裝;[+to-v][+(that)] He pretended that he was...

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      pretend: 假裝 (動詞) 1、第一句:I pretended that I was happy but it was not...3)如果是寫文章的話,會建議你只要寫I pretend to be happy.就好,因為既然你是"pretend"...

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